Specs and Docs


Gas Fired Commercial Pool Heating Boiler

The MightyTherm Model AP is the proven and dependable design for commercial, institutional and large residential pools. Easy to service and inexpensive to maintain. This is the pool heater of choice when economical performance and rapid heat-up are needed. 

Indoor/Outdoor models offer 16 sizes from 500 to 5000 MBTU/h.

•    ASME 160 lb. working pressure heat exchanger      •    Pressure relief valve (75 PSI)
•    24V control system                                                        •    115/24V transformer                                              
•    Operating gas valve/pressure regulator                        •    Power on light
•    Redundant safety gas valve                                          •    Temperature/pressure gauges
•    Water flow sensing device                                            •    On/Off/Auto toggle switch
•    Built-in draft hood
•    Stainless steel burners
•    External water side gaskets
•    Flanged connections
•    Glass lined cast iron headers                              •    Electronic temperature control (500-1825)
•    Pilot gas regulator                                                 •    Integral pump (500-1825)
•    Redundant safety gas valve                                 •    Removable burner tray (500-1825)
•    Manual reset high limit                                        •    High gas pressure switch (3050-5000)
•    Manual “A” gas valve                                            •    Automatic reset high limit (3050-5000)
•    Manual shut-off valve                                           •    Flow control valve (2000-5000)
•    Manual pilot valve

The MightyTherm AP Indoor Pool Heater (500-1825 MBH)
The MightyTherm AP Indoor Pool Heater (2000-5000 MBH)
And the MightyTherm AP Outdoor Pool Heaters. Sized from 500-1825 MBH and 2200-4500 MBH.