Terms of Use

Use of Laars Heating Systems Company Web Content

Duplication and use of any content or images from Laars Heating Systems Company or any Bradford White Corporate or subsidiary website without express written consent of Bradford White Corporation is strictly prohibited. Requests can be submitted to: BWC.Communications@bradfordwhite.com.

Utilization of non-Bradford White Corporation Intellectual Property (IP) in Marketing Communications

Bradford White Corporation (or its subsidiaries) will not utilize the intellectual property (IP) of its business partners or customers for any promotional purpose unless:

Bradford White Corporation has written notification from the company or individual(s) owning the intellectual property.
Bradford White Corporation has permission for use of a company or individual’s IP as part of a written agreement/contract.

The permission provided to Bradford White Corporation for use of another company or individual’s IP must meet the following criteria:

The written permission or agreement must be provided by and signed by an officer of the company owning the intellectual property or from the individual who is legally registered as the intellectual property owner. An acceptable alternative to a company officer would be any marketing communications personnel having permission to grant use of their company’s intellectual property to another entity.
The written permission or agreement must specifically state what IP may be used; the circumstances under which it may be used; and, the timeframe for the permission of use.

Intellectual property includes but is not limited to company logos, tradenames, photos, videos, voice recordings or transcriptions, documents, etc.