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 Mascot II


The Mascot II is a stylish, intelligently designed, combination "combi" boiler & water heater. Its 95% plus efficiency lowers operating costs and the "zero clearance installation" allows it to fit just about anywhere. This wall-hung, compact powerhouse has ample output for both home heating and a continuous supply of domestic hot water.

   Mascot II - Residential - Wall Hung Hydronic Boiler & Water Heater 



This residential high efficiency hydronic boiler uses the latest in condensing heat exchanger technology.
It operates with 95%+ efficiency, has low
NOx emissions and the Energy Star rating;
making it an excellent choice  
for both the environment and the homeowner.

Available in 80-210 MBH size and utilizes Category IV venting.



 Reliable, gas-fired hydronic boilers with  compact design and small footprint.

 Sizes from 50-225 MBH with up to 85%  AFUE making the perfect economic and  environmentally responsible choice.



The ingenious Endurance design delivers space heating and an endless supply of domestic hot water in one small package! High 85%+ efficiency, non-condensing combination boiler and domestic water heater, low Nox, modulation, Category II & IV


       Mighty Therm2    200-400


      The Mighty Therm2,  200 - 400 series boiler and volume water heater is available in 200, 300 and 400 MBH sizes and operates at an environmentally friendly 85% efficiency with low NOx emissions. Laars Heating Systems designed the Mighty Therm 2, 200-400 series, to be easy to use, install and maintain. It utilizes basic cap & bulb temperature controls and features a low voltage terminal strip for straightforward troubleshooting. The compact modular design, top or rear venting options and the ability to be installed either indoors or outdoors, results in installation flexibility.


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