Mini-Therm - Residential - Hydronic Boilers

MINI-THERM, JVS - Residential - Hydronic Boilers

Extremely popular with homeowners, the JVS model offers a new attractive and easy-to service jacket. Well-known for it's economy, the Mini-Therm has a built-in draft diverter and automatic vent damper to stop your valuable fuel payments from disappearing up the chimney in wasted heat.

JVS Features
  • Intermittent spark (JVS) ignition
  • Up to 85% AFUE  


Mini-Therm (model JV) Information

Service Location Size Range Available Sizes
Indoor 50 to 225 Mbh 50, 75, 100, 125, 160, 225

Mini-therm  Documents

null null Brochure, Mini-Therm Warranty
1086M-NH.pdfSales Literature - Brochure 2.55 MBMini-Therm BrochureDownload
1254B-NHProduct Manuals - Installation Manual 4.54 MBMini-Therm JVH & JVS Install and Operating Manual. Sept 2012. Download
1026W-NHProduct Manual - Owners Manual 477.78 KBMini-Therm JV Users ManualDownload
1040Y-NH.pdfSubmittal Documents - Submittal Data 356.17 KBMini-Therm JVS Hydronic Boiler Submittal Data Download