Mini-Therm - Residential - Hydronic Boilers

MINI-THERM, JVS - Residential - Hydronic Boilers

Extremely popular with homeowners, the JVS model offers a new attractive and easy-to service jacket. Well-known for it's economy, the Mini-Therm has a built-in draft diverter and automatic vent damper to stop your valuable fuel payments from disappearing up the chimney in wasted heat.   Available in 50, 75, 100, 125, 160, and 225 MBH Models

JVS Features
  • Intermittent spark (JVS) ignition
  • Up to 85% AFUE  
  • Unique copper tube and cast iron heat exchanger
  • Outdoor reset and auto set point


Mini-Therm (model JV) Information

Service Location Size Range Available Sizes
Indoor 50 to 225 Mbh 50, 75, 100, 125, 160, 225

Mini-therm  Documents

null null Brochure, Mini-Therm Warranty
1086M-NH.pdfSales Literature - Brochure 2.49 MBMini-Therm BrochureDownload
1254C-NH 13.21 MBMini-Therm JVH & JVS Install and Operating Manual. Sept 2012. Download
1026W-NHProduct Manual - Owners Manual 477.78 KBMini-Therm JV Users ManualDownload
1040Y-NH.pdfSubmittal Documents - Submittal Data 356.17 KBMini-Therm JVS Hydronic Boiler Submittal Data Download