200-400 Residential - Hydronic Boiler

Laars Heating Systems designed the Mighty Therm2,  200-400 series, to be easy to use,
install and maintain. It utilizes basic cap & bulb temperature controls and features a low
voltage terminal strip for straightforward troubleshooting. The compact modular design,
top or rear venting options and the ability to be installed either indoors or outdoors,
results in installation flexibility.

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Mighty Therm2 (model MT2) 200-400 EH Information

Service Location Size Range Available Sizes
Indoor 200 and 400 Mbh 200, 300, 400

MIGHTY THERM2  Documents

null Brochure,  Mighty Therm2    1235-NH.pdf Warranty
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
1231B-NHInstall and Operating Manual9/19/20122.93 MBDownload
1235C-NH BrochureBrochure1/4/2013661.54 KBDownload
1236B-NH Submittal 1/4/2013261.69 KBDownload
1237B-NH Pump Mounted Submittal 1/4/2013284.22 KBDownload
1238-NHUsers Manual9/19/2012433.38 KBDownload
5084-78B-NH Volume Water Spec Sheet 1/4/201339.68 KBDownload
5084-79B-NH Boiler Spec Sheet 1/4/201339.94 KBDownload
5084-80B-NH Pump Mounted, Vol Water, Spec Sheet 1/4/201340.50 KBDownload
5084-81B-NH Pump Mounted Boiler Spec Sheet 1/4/201342.10 KBDownload