Pool Heaters


Designed for commercial, institutional and large residential pools where economical performance and rapid heat-up are needed. Models offered in 16 sizes from 500 to 5000 MBTU/h.


(Size Range: 500 to 5000 Mbh) - Indoor and Outdoor 



The Pennant line of high-performance pool heating boilers from Laars delivers efficiency levels of 85% or more. NOx emissions are among the lowest in the industry at 10 ppm. Models sized from 500 to 1999 MBTU/h.


(Size Range: 500 to 1999 Mbh) - Indoor / Outdoor


The Mighty Therm2 has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the replacement market by offering simple and straightforward controls with 2-stage firing.


Mighty Therm2 Pool Heaters feature convenient, modular construction that separates the burner trays, gas train, and blower assembly.

All models use lightweight insulation, glass-lined cast iron or bronze headers, and non-ferrous waterways. The 10 tube heat exchanger design uses finned tubing for the quickest and most efficient heat transfer. 

Laars Heating Systems no longer sells and services Residential Pool Heaters (Commercial Only).

If your Residential Pool Heater has an older Laars logo, or a Teledyne Laars logo, and you need servicing or warranty information, please contact Jandy Pools at 800-822-7933.

http://www.zodiacpoolsystems.com/  or  http://www.jandy.com

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