We believe the availability of factory authorized replacement parts is an essential component of customer service. However, Laars does not sell directly to consumers or contractors. Please contact your local Laars Sales Representative or your local Laars wholesaler to order parts for your Laars Product.  Be sure to have your product model and serial number available when you call. 
     If you need assistance in finding a Laars retailer or wholesaler, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800.900.WARM (800.900.9276), extension 11.  
     If you need help to identify the correct part for your product, please contact our Service Department at 800.900.WARM (800.900.9276), extension 41.  
     Or, if you have your model and serial number, you can identify the parts you need by clicking here and using our parts identifier. 

Parts Lists.

11039-NH.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List645.02 KBCombi Heat Parts ListDownload
11040-NH.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List699.05 KBCombi Heat PV Parts ListDownload
1187D-PartsProduct Manuals - Parts List644.21 KBEndurance Install and Operating Manual, Parts OnlyDownload
11015-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List 703.32 KBEverHot (199, exterior) Parts ListDownload
11016-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List1.10 MBEverHot Tankless Water Heater, Parts.pdfDownload
4196B-NH.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List1.99 MBLaars Modulating Controls, MC4 and MC4-BACDownload
11018-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List317.41 KBLaars-Stor Parts ListDownload
11018-NH.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List317.41 KBLaars-Stor Single Wall Indirect Water Heater Parts ListDownload
11038-NH.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List243.05 KBLaars-Stor SS: Replacement Parts ListDownload
1230C-PartsProduct Manuals - Parts List652.43 KBMascot II Parts Only.Download
1285A-NH, Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List834.37 KBMascot LX Replacement Parts ListDownload
1064E-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List427.81 KBMighty Therm 175 to 400 Hydronic Boiler Parts ListDownload
1065D-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List462.47 KBMighty Therm 2000 to 5000 Hydronic Boiler Parts ListDownload
2052D-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List 612.68 KBMighty Therm 2000 to 5000 Volume Water Heater Parts ListDownload
1049E-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List604.85 KBMighty Therm 500 to 1825 Hydronic Boiler Parts ListDownload
2040D-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List 530.04 KBMighty Therm 500 to 1825 Volume Water Heater Parts List Download
3094E-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List486.25 KBMighty Therm AP (2000-5000) Parts ListDownload
3006T-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List700.26 KBMighty Therm AP (500-1825) Parts ListDownload
1254A-PartsProduct Manuals - Parts List543.35 KBMini-Therm, Parts list. Download
1252b-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List3.54 MBNeoTherm Parts List, models After Oct 2012Download
1176F-PartsProduct Manuals - Parts List1.79 MBPennant 500-2000 Install and Operating, Parts OnlyDownload
1204C-PartsProduct Manuals - Parts List956.56 KBPennant Low Temp Install and Operating, Parts OnlyDownload
3164D-PartsProduct Manuals - Parts List3.09 MBPennant Pool Heater, Install Op, Parts OnlyDownload
1170F-PartsProduct Manuals - Parts List1.85 MBRheos Install and Operating, Parts OnlyDownload
1185B-Parts.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List1.59 MBRheos+ Parts ListDownload
11017-NH.pdfProduct Manuals - Parts List1.30 MBU.H.E Parts ListDownload