NEOTHERM LC Commercial Modulating Condensing Volume Water Heater

The NeoTherm LC is a direct vent, sealed combustion, condensing and modulating hydronic volume water heater. These compact 1.0 million BTU/hr and 1.2 million BTU/hr workhorses are powered by a dual fired ASME stainless steel water tube heat exchanger resulting in 10:1 turndown and thermal efficiencies as high as 99%. Setup, operation and diagnostics are made easy with the NeoTherm LC’s large color touch screen display.

The advanced NeoTherm LC control system includes a cascading feature that allows for up to four water heaters to be lead lagged with onboard controls. Up to eight NeoTherm LC boilers can be lead lagged when coupled with M4 and M4EXT controllers. This results in a modulating heating cell of up to 9.6 million BTU/hr with a combined 80:1 turndown.


NeoTherm LC Information

Service Location Size Range AvailableSizes
Indoor/Outdoor 1000 - 1200 Mbh    1000 & 1200 Mbh

Neotherm lc  Documents

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1256A-NH.pdfUsers Manuals660.96 KBNeoTherm LC Users Manual (1000 & 1200)Download
2158H-NH.pdfSubmittal Documents414.08 KBNeoTherm LC Water Heater Submittal (1000 & 1200)Download
5084-85D-NH.pdf Specification Sheet 183.17 KBNeoTherm LC Volume Water Spec Sheet (1000 & 1200)Download
1000 & 1200 Block.dwgBlock DrawingUnknownBlock Diagram - NeoTherm LC 1000 and 1200Download
1248B-NH.pdfBrochure597.39 KBNeoTherm LC Literature Brochure (1000 & 1200 MB/hDownload
1255D-NH.pdfInstall and Operating Manual7.22 MBNeoTherm LC Install and Operating Manual (1000 & 1200)Download