NeoThermA New Generation of Warmth

One Great Solution for Nearly Every Application

The NeoTherm has proven itself to be a reliable and tested unit, and has also demonstrated it's efficiencies by winning the Energy Star's 'Most Efficient' Award -Year after Year! The NeoTherm fully condensing and modulating boilers and volume water heaters continue to offer the industries highest efficiencies while keeping NOx emissions lower than current government requirements, all at an affordable price. Whether your need is residential or commercial, a hydronic boiler or volume water heater, NeoTherm is easy-to-use, easy on the environment, powerful and compact. All NeoTherm models are fully packaged, space-saving hydronic solutions and therefore, are the perfect choice for today's demanding heating applications.

NeoTherm® Features

  • Natural or propane gas
  • 95%+ efficiency (AFUE)
  • 10 ppm NOx emissions
  • Easy to service
  • Rated for alcove and closet installations
  • Outdoor reset for hydronic boilers to compensate for weather changes
  • Water, air, vent and gas connections on top of unit result in easy installation
  • ASME stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Large easy to use color touch screen display
  • Perfect for radiant and baseboard heating
  • Qualify for many local utility rebates
  • 12-year limited warranty (boiler)
  • 5-year limited warranty (water heater)


to choose NeoTherm for your space and volume water heating needs,

  1. Energy Star certified - 95%+ efficiency qualifies for rebate and tax credit programs.
  2. Direct vent, sealed combustion - can vent up to 100' with PVC.
  3. Compact in size, NeoTherm can fit almost anywhere!
  4. Easy to setup and install thanks to the LAARS integrated Control System.
  5. Modulates to 20% input rate to match load. Saves up to 30%!
  6. Eco-friendly - meets stringent U.S. state codes for low NOx emissions.
  7. Can be staged for larger systems. Works with Building Automation Systems.
  8. Condensing design is perfect for radiant floor and baseboard systems.
  9. Easy to service, competitively priced and ultra-highly efficient.
  10. Backed by the best warranty in the business.
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